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C# Parser
A handwritten CSharp parser.

  • 1.0 Release. Moritz Kroll rolled in a huge amount of code, lots of fixes and enhancements (Christoph Mallon significantly helped reimplementing the statement and expression parser). Mono tests all passing.
  • Denis Erchoff added C# 2.0 support
  • Full support for C# 1.0, including preprocessor elements, attributes, and unsafe code.
  • All hand written in C# 2.0 allowing reasonable speed and ease of editing.
  • Currently passes all Mono tests

This C# parser was originally created by Robin Debreuil in December 2006. It has since been enhanced by many highly skilled people taking it well beyond the original conception (see the People tab for the talent, and the code for the proof!).

It is under BSD licence so please feel free to use/extend it as you see fit, commercial or otherwise. We welcome any suggestions/ideas, even those that may seem specific to your use case -- you never know. And of course if you are interested in contributing please don't be shy : ).

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